April 12, 2011

This is my love story

We started this journey during the summer of 2007. We met on a trip to Rockaway beach in Oregon. It was an amazing trip but no one would know then that we would be where we are now. Shelly, Josh and I packed into his 1972 Beetle and made that almost hour and a half trip from my house to the beach. Against the better judgement of my mom and step dad, I got into a car with a boy I had seen but once but never met and that is where the real adventure began. We spent that day at the beach, it was beautiful, fairly cold but what can you expect from a beach in Oregon.
Josh and I saw each other several times a week after that but because of the crazy twists in life were only friends. I was in a mostly committed relationship and well Shelly and Josh were destined to be together. After many many nights spent sitting on my couch until 3 in the morning I came to realize that I was in love with the person I was calling my best friend. Worst came to worst and we both ended up single but happily found our way into each others arms. That was November 18, 2007 I will never forget because it was exactly one month after my 20th birthday and I really didn't expect it to happen.
My life at the time was crazy between my mom just getting married and leaving the guy I thought was the one life was crazy, but Josh kept me grounded.
A full month and a half later we were living together in Oregon City, Oregon in a bedroom rented from a very strange man. Well a month later we moved into Travis's house a little further into old downtown OC. Travis was an awesome landlord and we enjoyed nearly 9 month's with him. After that we lived one more month in another strange man's home and then found ourselves renting our first apartment.
On October 2, 2008 Josh asked me to merry him. It was the sweetest ever, he and I had spent many dates eating ice cream in front of the OC foot ball field and that night was almost the same. After a long day visiting friends and Josh disappearing for several hours we headed home. On our way back we stopped at the foot ball field, Josh wanted to go for a walk, some what unusual as we had never walked around the football field area. But to my surprise instead of tying an already tied shoe he produced the most beautiful ring I could have imagined. And to say that's the history would be well selling it short...
Soon after this is when we moved into our apartment, we struggled as any young couple would but we had the help and support of my dad who most of the time was our only financial support.
During the school year of 2009 Josh decided it would be best after graduation to join the armed forces and we found ourselves sitting in the Navy recruiter office. After some trial and error he found himself in  DEP (delayed entry program). This was right around when we realized we needed to get married because we didn't know when he would be leaving for boot camp.
So after graduation and with a lot of help from my family and friends we were married August 15, 2009 in a beautiful outdoor wedding at my mom and step dad's home in McMinnville. That was truly a day I will never forget.
Now jump forward a few months to December 15, 2009 when I had to say goodbye to my husband and the man of my life.

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